shop uniquely seattle

The City of Seattle's annual Shop Small campaign encourages consumers to do their holiday shopping at local businesses. We wanted to use the campaign as an opportunity to highlight the small businesses that make Seattle unique. Our office worked with lowercaseproductions to develop a brand, and I was then tasked with production. I created sixteen illustrations paired with original copy and designed layouts for bus wraps, transit ads, and a social media campaign. 

Time frame: Six weeks

Roles: Illustration, layout, animation, print design, advertising design, copywriting

Skills: Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects

Objectives: Create illustrations that are friendly and engaging, encouraging passers-by to look up from their phones and laptops to explore the businesses in their own backyards. All illustrations should be created with Race and Social Justice Initiative standards in mind to call out businesses from a variety of communities in Seattle. 

Solution: Simple illustrations of food and products from around the city paired with copy that creates a strong sense of place for both locals and visitors

bus wrap design