BitBonder is a STEM app designed for girls ages 10-14. Through addictive puzzle games, players collect elements in the periodic table. They then use molecular chemistry fundamentals to build real-world items which can be shared on social platforms.




The Problem: Girls and femmes are underrepresented in STEM fields. Middle school is a critical time for students to build both confidence and competency in STEM classes. Social expectations and a lack of tailored programming contribute to girls' underrepresentation.

The Goal: Increase understanding, curiosity and retention about molecular chemistry in girls ages 10-14. Help students make real-world connections and fight social pressures that steer girls away from STEM.

The Solution: An addictive puzzle game that integrates classroom learning and social sharing.

Project Duration: 6 weeks

My Roles: Research, concept, UX design, interface design, wireframes, style guide development, storyboarding, asset creation, motion graphics.

Tools: Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, Premiere, Photoshop

Collaborators: Kaitlyn Castellow and Amy Ray

10-screen flow



Social Sharing

social sharing

Players can share their lab items through animated sticker packs compatible with out-of-app texting. Certain elements translate into Bitmojis, some of which include the player interacting with famous female scientists. 


the lab

In the lab, players can use their earned elements to earn real-world items. Using elements to build and item depletes their inventory, requiring them to continue engaging with the game in order to keep their lab fully stocked. New items regularly become available and users are notified through push notifications, further encouraging retention and engagement.